Student Accommodation

  • Training with Ethiopian Aviation University will enable students to get involved in exciting social activities, connect with others and find the support they need.
  • Students enjoy their leisure time playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and indoor games.
  • The University also encourages physical activities at the gym and jogging in the academy’s serene learning environment for the physical wellness of the students.  
  • Culture Day events are celebrated every two years among University students, and this promotes a friendly and cooperative environment since it gives them the opportunity to introduce their cultural costumes and meal.

Student Dormitory Building

  • ETAU’s campus is suitable for a learning environment. It avails 552 beds which accommodate two students in a single bedroom in four different buildings.
  • The Dormitory has an internet connection with Wi-Fi access for students. Each floor offers a shared kitchen allowing students to prepare their own cultural meals and bathrooms with shower cabins.
  • The boarding environment will let students have better opportunities to exchange their cultural values, attitudes, and viewpoints and foster good friendships among each other.

TV Room (DSTV)

  • Students can gather in common rooms to watch TV and socialize.

 Cafeteria Services

  • ETAU provides a healthy and safe dining experience with choices of European and traditional meals.