Alumni Association

Ethiopian Aviation University Alumni Association

Ethiopian Aviation University (ETAU) provides three categories of services.

I- Career

A. Career Services

ETAU helps students and graduates choose a career path, transition into a new field, and explore career opportunities.

B. Giving Back to current and future Students

ETAU Alumni give back to their communities and help current and future students in several ways.

C. Volunteer community services

ETAU Alumni conduct events and campaigns with regard to various community issues (Environment, culture, Art, etc.)     

II- Socialization

A. Networking

ETAU Alumni networks maintain LinkedIn groups and member databases.

B. Stay connected

ETAU Alumni memberships come with permanent access to a university-affiliated email address.

C. Social events

ETAU Alumni members can enjoy different ‘Homecoming Events’.

III- Discounts

A. Discounts at Ethiopian Aviation University

ETAU Alumni members benefit from all kinds of discounts on new and continuing education classes.

B. Discounts from different Businesses

As Ethiopian Airlines Group has got different strategic business units, ETAU Alumni members can get discounts from them. For example, Skylight Hotel service.

C. Other Discounts on Holyday packages

ETAU Alumni members can access different discounts from ET tour and travel services.

D. Market for any Side Business

ETAU Alumni members can sell/buy exclusive products using the social network.