Fee and Payments

Please refer to the following tuition fees

Postgraduate Program

  • Total credit hours for MBA in Aviation Management and MSc in Data Science are course work 30/31 and project/thesis 5/6.
  • The tuition fee per credit hour for postgraduate programs are $275.00, while the final project/thesis fee is $1750.00.

Undergraduate Program 

  • The registration fee is Non-Refundable ETB 400 for local students and USD 50 for international students.
  • The price per credit hour is USD 165 for international (non-Ethiopian) students and USD 125 per credit hour for Ethiopian nationals.
  • For Ethiopian Nationals, the total training cost for the program is calculated as the total number of credit hours for the program times USD125 payable in ETB calculated with the prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment.
  1. BSc in Aeronautical Engineering-Five years (180 Credit Hours) program.
  2. BSc in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Five years (180 Credit Hours) program


  3.  BSC in Aviation management and operation 4 years (152 Credit Hours) program 


      4. BA in Travel, Truism and Hospitality Management 4 years (153 Credit Hours) program