Strategic plan


 To lead and shape the future of aviation higher education and training in Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

Our vision describes the aspiration for Ethiopian Aviation University 15 years in the future. It is deliberately intended to be towering — realistic and ever-challenging while also bold and grand. It is a challenge for us to achieve greatness. Our vision is an invitation to the Ethiopian Airlines Group Family and those who do not know Ethiopian Aviation University yet to join us in our journey to encourage, innovate, and transform. Ethiopian Aviation University has established itself as an excellent aerospace university. However, excellence is not enough. We aspire to become a world-renowned university that excels in aviation education, training, research, and service—and to become a model of higher education.


 Ethiopian Aviation University is devoted to bettering the lives of the people of the nation, Africa, and the world at large through forward-thinking education, livening research and scholarship, and altruistic service.

Ethiopian Aviation University’s mission concisely describes our central purpose.

Our first obligation is to educate our students and prepare them for life. We strive to expand their minds, widen their experiences, and sharpen their capabilities by bestowing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our goal is to empower and inspire our students to be their very best and to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Our second obligation is to push the development of research and scholarship that creates and advances knowledge. We support, build upon, and leverage the knowledge and skill of our faculty, students, and partners to discover, innovate, and create new science, new technologies, and new applications and methodologies that substantially improve our world.

Our third obligation, engagement, and outreach leverage the value of the first two elements. We have to enable our students, graduates, faculty, and partners to transform the output of our research and scholarship into products, methods, and services that meet our community's most pressing needs. Delivering real-world, practical solutions is core to Ethiopian Aviation University’s foundation.

To be a leading aviation university in Africa, we must excel in all three responsibilities.